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  • Do I have to be local or in Philadelphia to be part of The House of Genesis?
    No. The advantage of voiceover is that you can work remotely from your home, or anywhere across the country and the world. Our coaching and voiceover courses are done virtually.
  • What is the name of the business; Casting the Culture or The House of Genesis?
    The House of Genesis is our name and “Casting the Culture” is what we do! We educate, train, coach and cast Black voice artists and audio production professionals. 'Casting the Culture' is also the name of our virtual voiceover courses, is our web domain and social media handles. We believe that 'creation begins with sound' and the synonym for beginning is 'genesis', hence the name of our brand. This house we've built is the genesis of creation through sound, and because of that we're able to 'cast the culture'
  • What services does The House of Genesis offer and to who?
    We service three primary audiences; individuals, businesses/entrepreneurs, authors. For individuals who have some or no experience in voice acting or voiceover we offer virtual voiceover courses, one-on-one coaching, and group sessions. For authors we convert hardcopy or eBooks and manuals into audiobooks, and for businesses and entrepreneurs we provide full-service production including custom music tracks and voiceover for commercial ads, promos, video intros and marketing campaigns. We also voice e-Learning and corporate presentations.
  • How can I work with The House of Genesis?
    You can work with us as a voice actor, audio production professional, or instructor. We also have back office opportunities if you have experience in administration, operations, content creation, or media relations. If you are interested in becoming a voice talent or enhancing your voice talent, working with our audio production team or have back office experience, email or call our office at or call (267) 974-7089.
  • Do you represent talent?
    We are not talent managers, but we do offer coaching and casting support and referrals. Our structure allows us to receive consistent business and work opportunities of which we cast or staff voice talent and producers from within The House of Genesis. To be considered someone who is ‘in the house’, you must participate in one, some, or all of our offered services including but not limited to virtual voiceover courses, coaching, monthly group sessions, as an active voice talent, and/or working in the back office or as an instructor. We do have access to Talent Managers who we can refer. As a referral from The House of Genesis, you could receive a discount on services.
  • I'm a veteran voice talent, how can we work together?"
    How can we not?!?!? We’re happy to have you, and welcome veteran voices in the house! We are looking for veteran voices to serve as mentors or coaches to aspiring or novice voices. We also work with veteran talent for casting opportunities that require voices with experience. In addition, we offer veteran talent the opportunity to co-host our podcast and first dibs to incoming casting calls.
  • What area of voiceover / voice acting do you focus on?
    At the moment, we are working with clients and customers in corporate, eLearning, audiobook, commercial, audio dramas, podcasts and YouTube intros, and music and entertainment. However, our training and coaching offers transferable skills that allow you to work in any sector of the industry including public speaking.
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