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In this house, we have a team of published voiceover talent and producers who work to create your audio masterpieces! In the form of voiceover and music production, we create custom sounds specific to our clients creative and branding needs.  Read more about our growing team below!

Contact us if you have questions about joining our team of creative geniuses!



Tashyra Ayers

Tashyra is a seasoned voiceover talent, media personality and speaker. As a 15-year communications professional Tashyra’s voice has been used to record over a dozen published audio books, radio promos and commercial;  as a radio personality for iHeart Media, Beasley Broadcast, and an international speaker for women’s conferences in London and Amsterdam to name a few. Her voice awarded her the esteemed title of Philadelphia’s Radio Idol. Tashyra’s Voice is a brand that she created to encourage people to own their voices by embracing their unique sound. Tashyra is available for radio and TV commercials, social media ads, e-Learning, narration, corporate, IVRs, audiobooks, movies and films, and album overdubs.

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Greg Brown

Greg is a professional voiceover talent with a powerful, influential, and commanding voice. Greg’s voice leaves you captivated while he encapsulates the essence of the work. Greg is the voice for a NY-based podcast hosted on the iHeart Media platform. Greg is available for radio and TV commercials, social media ads, animation, radio drops, IVRs, podcasts, music and album overdubs, movies, and films.

Elaine Headshot 1.jpg

Elaine McIver

Elaine is a voiceover talent who is seasoned at using her psaltery, distinct voice as a recording artist, BGV, and praise and worship leader. She is known along the East Coast for her singing and is the industry’s favorite for overdubs and studio recordings. Elaine specializes in monologues, manuscripts, audio visual productions, radio and TV commercials, and social media ads.

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Johnnie Gordon

Johnnie Gordon Jr. is a passionate and highly creative voice actor with experience on stage and in studio. As a voice over talent and professional sound designer with over 15 years of experience pursuing his passion for media design and production, Johnnie is skilled at breathing life into the written word and making characters come to life through powerful voice performances. Johnnie’s voice range includes deep, distinguished, versatile, evocative, powerful, commanding, manly, romantic, clear, conversational. Ready to captivate your audience with his voice, Johnnie Gordon is “That Voice with Purpose.”


Charla McRae

Charla McRae is a voice over talent with a vocal style described as authentic, warm, and engaging. Her voice over training coupled with her background in the fields of business, medical, and education have given her a keen understanding of the inner workings of these industries, and allow her to not only convey the words, but also the emotion of any project. Charla is available for e-Learning, play narration, commercials, IVR’s, and more.


Sherri Bryant

Sherri is a Christian recording artist, composer, producer, worship leader and now an emerging fresh voiceover talent. She has enjoyed national and international success working with many Gospel greats and R&B legends over the years. Her voice has been said to have a distinct, compelling and regal quality that captures the attention of her audience. Sherri’s vocal creativity and range emerges best in TV commercials, radio ads, audio books and overdubs. Sherri’s magnetic,unique voice will add a vocal brand to separate your product from the competition.


LaKisa Renee

LaKisa Renee is a multitalented entrepreneur, influential community leader, fashion/beauty guru and film/media industry professional. LaKisa is an Actress/Stunt Woman, Media Host, and more. As an actress LaKisa has been in numerous commercials & Independent films including along side legendary celebrities such as Clifton Powell, Robin Givens & Jamal Woolard. As a media professional she is a contributing journalist for Cultured Focus Magazine covering events like The BET Awards Weekend and The Culture Creators Innovators & Leaders Brunch.


Mandy Rocha

Mandy is a British voice over actress , she grew up in Wales and attended The School of Performing Arts. Her voice over talent brings warmth, conversational and elegance to her different style of reads. Mandy is the voice for Christie’s SweetBox and Keto Factory, she is also available for documentaries, historical documentaries, commercials and movies.


Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams also known as Matt Black is an American voice over talent from Texas. He is well suited for young adult roles. His voice will bring life & authenticity to your character's story. Some of his favorite projects that he admires include Megalo Box, Young Justice, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Demon Slayer. Matthew is available for animation, Japanese animation, cartoons, video games, movies, audio dramas, and narration.


Thomas Lockhart

Thomas is a professional voice over talent with versatile sound ranging from deep/authoritative to smooth and calming. Thomas is available for social media ad’s, radio, TV/Film, IVR’s, animation, and audiobooks.

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Daevon Ayers 

Daevon Ayers is a producer and musician featured on EPs with BrittniTea and QuietBoy. He attended Settlement Music School and the School of Rock where he realized his love for all genres of music. Daevon is not just a ‘beat-maker’, Beats by Dae offers full-service productions creating custom tracks that include all instruments from strings, to keys, baseline, percussion and drums while incorporating the voices of our voiceover artists; creating radio and TV commercials, social media ads, and intros for e-Learning, presentations, plays, movies and films and more. His sounds have been sampled by movie producers and casting directors. Beats by Dae has an eclectic vibe and all work is produced on high-quality recording equipment. Daevon has been mentored by Grammy Award-winning musicians including Gerald Hayward (Chris Brown), Darrell Robinson, II (Pharrell),  and Aaron Draper (Rihanna, John Meyer) to name a few. Check out samples of his work from previous clients below. 


If you’re a voice actor/voice talent or media personality with some training or experience and you’re interested in joining the team, complete our Contact Us form. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Minimum Requirements to become a Voice Talent in The House of Genesis:

VOs must enroll in monthly group sessions as entry into the house.

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